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  • Is the International Registry required?
    • Foreign claims can be very expensive to defend and stop the sale of an aircraft, call us for other options available to protect yourself.
  • Should I buy new or used?
    • Both are good options depending on your individual circumstance and the market. Call us for a copy of “When to retire your jet” BCA November 2012.
  • Is the wet footprint something I should consider?
    • Depending on your intended use of the aircraft, the wet footprint can be a legal requirement. Call us for details on how ETOPS applies to your aircraft.
  • How important are ICA’s?
    • The airworthiness of an aircraft involves many issues from the flight operations side to the maintenance side. Call us for details on how instructions for Continued Airworthiness affect your aircraft.
  • Are iPads’ legal to use in the flight deck?
    • The iPad revolution has exploded in the aviation industry, beware of how they are used on the flight deck! A powerful tool that needs proper steps taken before use. Call us for details on how to comply with Federal Aviation Regulations in your operation.
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